What's the cost to prevent a UTI versus treating a UTI?

UTI costs have increased > 90% In the last decade

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are one of the most common bacterial infections, with over 10 million office visits in the U.S. alone, and costing patients nearly $2 billion a year in medical expenses.

Avoiding UTI - Less Money

Getting a UTI is a pain:

  • a trip to the doctor ($$) is required
  • a treatment of antibiotics to clear the infection ($$)
  • over-the-counter products to make the symptoms go away ($$)
  • missed time from work ($$)

One UTI can cost you up to $200 (out-of-pocket) to treat the urinary tract infection. Not to mention all the pain, suffering and hassle. 

(click here for a closer look at our infographic)
(click here for a closer look at our infographic)

Break the treat and repeat cycle

Avoiding UTIs in the first place is the best plan of action. With ellura, you get powerful PAC anti-adhesion activity to maintain a clean urinary tract for a little more than a dollar a day. for as little as $1.20 per day. Other supplements may cost less, but there is a reason. They aren’t as effective. Only medical grade ellura uses the cranberry juice extract that provides the highest bioavailability of PAC, which results in the highest anti-adhesion on the market.

Consider ellura if you struggle with UTIs

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