UTI Prevention/Urinary Tract Health

Take 1 capsule of ellura once daily with water about the same time each day. For those times when you know you have been especially at risk or if symptoms start to show, take 2 capsules daily for 2 days, then return to your regular once daily routine. 

       Sexual Intercourse

Sex often results in bacteria in the urethra and puts you at increased risk for infection, so take 2 capsules of ellura before or after sex and then 2 the following day (4 capsules total is all you need for intimate moments). OR take 1 ellura a day (like birth control or a daily vitamin) so that you are UTI-protected no matter when the moment is right.

Active UTI

If your doctor confirms an infection, take ellura with your prescribed treatment antibiotic to help your body flush the infectious bacteria. When your UTI clears, you can continue taking ellura once daily to shield your body from future infections.



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