UTIs from sex are nicknamed “honeymoon cystitis” (cystitis = bladder infection) with good reason. Sex is the most common cause of UTIs in women. About 80% of women that get a UTI have had sex in the prior 24 hours.* (‘post-coital’ UTI is the medical term)

Bacteria are always present – even right after washing – and intercourse just naturally brings it into contact with a woman’s urethra (which is shorter than a man's so the bacteria may get to the bladder faster). To be clear, getting a UTI from having sex is not about how clean a woman or her partner is, though that can help. It just means that as a woman, you are more prone to UTIs.

Take ellura if you frequently get UTIs after sex: For 'on-demand' protection, take 2 capsules of ellura before or after sex and then 2 the following day (4 capsules total for intimate moments) to flush out newly introduced UTI-causing bacteria! Remember, even emptying your bladder after sex doesn't always remove all of the bacteria, so rely on ellura to help keep UTIs away. Plus, avoid any need for low-dose antibiotics for prevention (they have side effects and may lead to resistance, but to treat a UTI they are necessary.)


Get frequent UTIs from sex? Take 1 ellura at about the same time every day to block harmful bacteria that cause them. ellura is safe to take every day so it fits into your routine, like taking birth control or a daily vitamin, and the timing of sex won't matter as you'll have ongoing protection from infection.