There are many common misconceptions about UTIs. Let’s review the fact vs. fiction when it comes to urinary tract health.

MYTH: Poor hygiene causes UTIs.

FACT: Getting a UTI does not mean that you have poor hygiene, but it can be a risk factor. Pregnancy, certain medical conditions, sex, some birth control and just not emptying the bladder frequently enough, are other ways people get UTIs.


MYTH: Only women get UTIs.

FACT: Men can also get UTIs, but it is far less common. While about 50% of women will experience a UTI in their lifetime, the same is true for only about 12% of men. This is because of the natural differences between the female and male urinary systems.


MYTH: Eating cranberries or drinking cranberry juice prevents UTIs.

FACT: Raw cranberries and bottled cranberry juice (which is a blend of juices) do not contain enough of the active ingredient found in cranberries proanthocyanidins or PAC for short to block infection-causing bacteria. PAC is extracted from the pure cranberry juice concentrate and only at high levels (36 mg to be specific) attaches to harmful bacteria so they don't stick to the urinary tract wall. Instead, the UTI-causing bacteria is flushed out in a healthy manner. Therefore, it is not likely that you could consume enough berries or juice to get the 36 mg PAC needed to shield yourself from UTIs.


MYTH: The product with the most milligrams of cranberry extract is going to be the most effective.

FACT: It doesn’t matter how many milligrams of cranberry extract is in a product, it’s the milligrams of PAC (proanthocyanidins) specifically extracted from juice that matter. Most products do not list the PAC amount because it’s too small to be effective. The proven standard is 36 mg PAC so be sure to read the ingredient list closely.


MYTH: Large doses of Vitamin C prevent UTIs.

FACT: Vitamin C has many great benefits, including helping to boost your immune system. Large amounts of vitamin C may slow the growth but not kill some bacteria by acidifying the urine. Only high amounts of A-Type PAC (proanthocyanidins) derived from the juice of cranberries helps to shield the body from infection by flushing harmful bacteria from your urinary tract.


MYTH: Taking a low-dose antibiotic every day is a good way to prevent UTIs.

FACT: While daily antibiotics can be effective until the bacteria become resistant to them, you may be giving your body something it doesn’t need. Plus, antibiotics can cause many unwanted side effects.  ellura is a one a day, medical-grade dietary supplement that offers a proven alternative to antibiotics for preventing UTIs. Only ellura has 36 mg of PAC, a powerful natural ingredient proven to rid the body of infection-causing bacteria and prevent UTIs before they start.