Medical Conditions

Diabetes or any medical condition that slows or stops the body from fighting infection increases your risk for UTIs.

In fact, you’re 65% more likely to get a UTI if you have Type 2 diabetes. Sugar in the urine creates a breeding ground where bacteria can quickly multiply. Keeping blood sugar under control can help, but begin drinking cranberry juice, which raises blood sugar without offering much protection from UTIs.


Limited Mobility

If you have mobility issues or are bedridden, you may struggle with UTIs. Often, you need to rely on indwelling or intermittent catheters, but the catheter itself is a path for harmful bacteria to enter the bladder. Even if you don’t need a catheter, you may be unable to frequently urinate, also allowing harmful bacteria to remain behind and cause infection. ellura can be the right solution in these cases, since it shields the body from harmful bacteria and naturally flushes it out before UTIs can start.

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