Advice on avoiding a UTI can be unrealistic and make you feel like it’s your fault. At ellura, we believe in replacing groundless shame with healthy protection.

The fact is, you can’t use the bathroom the minute you feel the need, or always drink all the water you should, or wipe with precision if you’re in a hurry. Are you at fault if you enjoy hot bubble baths, sit in your swimsuit at the beach, and use birth control? Certainly not. You’re a woman with a busy life and, even if you did everything perfectly, you could still get a UTI.

ellura is a remarkable solution. It works to block the harmful bacteria that cause UTIs. One capsule a day keeps your urinary tract clean, so that you can maintain your busy lifestyle. If you’re engaging in activities that have been a problem in the past – say, a slow soak in a hot tub – take an extra dose of ellura before or after for added assurance.

Go ahead, live your life, and know that ellura’s got your back (and urinary tract)!


Consider ellura if you are prone to UTIs as a result of these risk factors - the only proven supplement that stops UTIs before they start.