How ellura works to prevent urinary tract infections

Do you suffer from UTIs?

ellura is a doctor recommended urinary tract supplement that starts working quickly – and keeps working – to promote a clean urinary tract so you can avoid the harmful bacteria that leads to painful UTIs.


ellura is made using a proprietary process to get to the powerful ingredient found in the pure juice concentrate of cranberries — PAC or proanthocyanins. The PAC attaches to UTI-causing bacteria, so it doesn't attach to your urinary tract wall and cause a UTI!

Powerful and Potent PAC in every capsule

Only ellura has 36 mg of bioactive PAC in one capsule - the minimum amount needed for bacterial anti-adhesion! Bacterial anti-adhesion activity is the POWER behind the PAC ingredient that helps STOP E. coli and other UTI-causing bacteria from attaching to your bladder. Simply Put - high and potent levels of PAC are a must and one a day is a plus!

Begins working fast

ellura starts to work within hours of taking – just one capsule helps to flush away the bad bacteria when you urinate. It’s important to take ellura about the same time every day. It works on a 24-hour protection cycle.

ellura is safe

ellura is a natural supplement that is safe to take every day. Plus, if you have a clean urinary tract, you don't have to worry about taking antibiotics to prevent UTIs (they should be used to treat UTIs). Antibiotics can have unwanted side effects and lead to bacterial resistance.

Be wary of other "me too" cranberry supplements!

They do not have enough of the powerful PAC ingredient or the required level of bioactivity.  No supplement comes close to matching ellura's potency.

Just one daily capsule of ellura can block harmful bacteria from staying in the body and helps to maintain a clean urinary tract - without raising blood sugar.