Do you suffer from UTIs? ellura is a proven urinary tract supplement that starts working quickly – and keeps working – to protect you from harmful bacteria that leads to painful UTIs.¹

Medical-grade: ellura is made using a proprietary process to get to the powerful ingredient found deep within the juice concentrate of cranberries — PAC or proanthocyanidins. The PAC attaches to UTI-causing bacteria so it doesn't attach to your urinary tract wall and cause a UTI!


Proven prevention in every capsule: Only ellura has 36 mg of PAC in one capsule – the proven minimum amount needed for UTI protection! When you take ellura it creates a shield in your urinary tract to provide ongoing protection from UTI-causing bacteria. So to put it simply -- high levels of PAC are a must and one a day is a plus! 
Begins working fast: Starts to work within hours of taking just one capsule to flush away the bad bacteria when you urinate.¹ It’s important to take ellura about the same time every day. It works on a 24-hour protection cycle.
Safe: ellura is a natural supplement so it’s safe to take every day. Plus, its an alternative to antibiotics which should be used to treat a UTI only, but not taken daily to prevent them from coming back as they have many unwanted side effects and lead to bacterial resistance.²
Take control: Proven UTI prevention does not require a prescription from your doctor.

Be aware of other cranberry supplements that claim to prevent UTIs! They do not have enough of the powerful PAC ingredient – if any at all – so read the ingredients closely. You’d need to take up to hundreds of these supplements to try to match the protection of medical-grade ellura. Read more about the ellura PAC difference or watch the ellura video!


Just one ellura capsule a day shields you from painful UTIs and offers ongoing protection.


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