What’s in ellura?

ellura is a proven urinary tract supplement that starts working quickly – and keeps working – to protect you from harmful bacteria in the body that leads to painful UTIs. ellura is a once daily supplement that contains high levels of PAC (proanthocyanidins) – 36 mg to be specific – proven to rid the body of UTI-causing bacteria by flushing it away when you urinate.¹



Who should take ellura?

While UTIs affect mostly women, men may develop UTIs as well and can benefit from once daily ellura. You may also want to consider ellura if you are prone to UTIs as a result of sex; certain birth control; menopause; various medical conditions, like diabetes or conditions that limit your mobility; or you use a catheter to urinate. These increase your risk and ellura is a proven daily supplement for the prevention of UTIs no matter the situation.



Do I need a prescription to take ellura?

No. While we’re proud to note that the 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) in ellura is medical-grade, and that ellura is trusted and recommended by physicians worldwide, it’s considered a dietary supplement (in the USA) and does not require a prescription. Your doctor may have suggested that you check out the proven science of ellura and directed you to our website but, if you wish, you can make a purchase here any time without a prescription.



How often do I take ellura?

Take 1 capsule of ellura once daily with water. Take it with or without food and at any time, but take it at about the same time each day. For times when you’ve been especially at risk or if you have symptoms that indicate you’re headed toward a UTI, take 2 capsules daily for 2 days, then return to your regular once daily routine. Because sex often results in bacteria in the urethra, take 2 capsules of ellura before or after sex and then 2 the following day (4 capsules total). If your doctor confirms an infection (called an “active” UTI), take your daily ellura together with your prescribed antibiotic to help your body flush out the bacteria. Remember that ellura won’t treat or cure a UTI, but it can help prevent you from getting another one. Learn more about taking ellura to prevent UTIs.



Is it acidic?

A little, about the same as a cup of coffee or a cola. If those are no problem, you should do fine with ellura. To put it into numbers, the pH of water is 7, cranberry juice is a much more acidic 2.7, and the pH of ellura is about halfway between the two, at 4.44. If you are sensitive to more acidic foods, consider adding an acid neutralizer available over-the-counter from your local pharmacy (e.g. Prelief).



Does ellura affect my urine?

If bacteria has been present, ellura should improve the color, clarity and odor of your urine, but some changes are microscopic so you won’t notice them. ellura will not negatively impact your urine tests.



Is it possible to be allergic to ellura?

Unlikely but not impossible. If you have a red fruit allergy, consult your doctor before you take ellura.

Regarding Aspirin: ellura contains .025 mg of salicylic acid (an active metabolite of aspirin) per capsule. Those with allergy to aspirin should use caution if taking ellura.




    Is it safe to take every day?

    Yes. Naturally sourced and with no known side effects, ellura can be taken safely every day. Of course, if you are allergic to the ingredients found in ellura, or if you have a red fruit allergy, consult your doctor before you start.



    Does ellura cause side effects?

    No, but call your doctor if you have any adverse reactions. No serious side effects have been reported at the recommended dose of one or two capsules per day. (You and your doctor may be interested in the Medical Professionals section of this website, which includes clinical study results.) 



    Do I take ellura with or instead of an antibiotic?

    Daily antibiotics are prescribed by your doctor to get rid of an infection, but taking every day to prevent UTIs may not be the best plan. Harmful bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics and these medications have many unwanted side effects - like stomach upset, allergic reactions or yeast infections - so you may be giving your body something it doesn't need. You should take ellura with your antibiotic until the infection clears and then continue taking ellura once daily to keep your urinary tract in check and to constantly flush out bad bacteria that could lead to another UTI. Learn more about the risks of daily antibiotics.



    Can children take ellura?

    Yes. Safety and efficacy in children have been tested. Children under 50 pounds can take half a capsule of ellura once daily. Children 50 pounds and more can take the entire capsule. If a child can’t swallow the capsule, mix the contents into a sweet beverage or soft food. Review our pediatric brochure. Also, view a study on the benefits of ellura in children.



    Can pregnant women and nursing mothers take ellura?

    We have no studies on the use of ellura in pregnant women and nursing mothers. We recommend pregnant women discuss with their doctor prior to taking any supplement.



    Can I take ellura if I’m a diabetic?

    Yes. ellura has no added sugar, so its glycemic index is quite low, and it won’t raise your blood sugar. The capsule itself contains only a trace amount of sugar, 0.0026 mg per capsule.



    Will ellura give me kidney stones? Will it aggravate the ones I have?

    No and no. Kidney stones and oxalates go hand in hand. Oxalates occur naturally in cranberries and cranberry juice and are found in high levels in some supplements. But ellura has a mere fraction – as little as a tenth – of the oxalates found in other cranberry products. This is because, while ellura does include cranberry extract, some 90% of the oxalates are left behind in our proprietary, complex manufacturing process when the active ingredient, PAC (proanthocyanidins), is extracted. ellura contains an average of 0.104 mg of oxalates per capsule. 




    1Howell, A, Botto H, et al. Dosage effect on uropathogenic e. coli anti-adhesion activity. BMC Infectious Diseases 2010.
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    Consider ellura if you are prone to UTIs as a result of these risk factors - the only proven supplement that stops UTIs before they start.