The ellura Customer Experience Survey was conducted to assess customer motivations for trying ellura, thoughts on effectiveness, and overall satisfaction as it relates to reducing UTIs. (1,454 customers, Nov-Dec 2017). Read product highlights (or view a pdf here) and request a Patient Starter Kit using the form below.

85% of women taking ellura saw a reduction in UTIs in the first 6 months.

98% are satisfied when it comes to seeing a decrease in UTIs

82% agree ellura is an effective/safer alternative to antibiotics

87% have been referred by a healthcare provider

99% of respondents plan to continue taking ellura and would recommend to others

The ellura difference

  • Mechanism of Action: Only ellura has 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins), the clinically proven amount necessary to prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall
  • International herbal medicine approvals as a result of it's pharmaceutical-level efficacy
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