It’s well known that cranberry nutrients promote a healthy urinary tract, but you may still wonder:

a)    Should I drink lots of cranberry juice?
b)    Should I take a cranberry supplement?
c)    Are all cranberry supplements the same?

The answers are a) no, b) yes, if it’s ellura, and c) absolutely not. Here’s why.

PAC (proanthocyanidins) is a natural ingredient found only in the juice concentrate of American cranberries. In 2004, studies confirmed that 36 mg of PAC daily is the right amount to protect against UTIs. Ever since, only ellura has provided 36 mg PAC in one daily capsule.

Some cranberry supplements are beginning to list their PAC content, although most do not. Read the ingredients closely and look for 36 mg PAC, as well as the DMAC/A2 notation – this is the industry-preferred measuring standard to ensure you get that amount!

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