Am I at risk for a UTI? A woman has a 50% chance of experiencing a UTI in her lifetime, and one in ten women have 3 or more UTIs a year, but men may develop UTIs as well.*

Besides being a woman, risk factors include:

Sex — Bacteria can enter the urethra during intercourse
Birth control — Diaphragms and some spermicidal agents increase your risk
Pregnancy — Hormone changes make it more inviting for harmful bacteria in the urinary tract
Menopause — Reduced estrogen changes the urinary tract and makes it more vulnerable
Blockages — Kidney stones (or an enlarged prostate) or any other urinary tract blockage can prevent the bladder from flushing out harmful bacteria
Medical conditions — Diabetes and other conditions that may slow or stop the body from fighting infection increases your risk
Limited Mobility/Catheter Use — Using catheters to urinate – for instance, when hospitalized, paralyzed or dealing with neurological problems – increases your risk


*Amy B. Howell, Henry Botto et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2010, 10:94.</