Spring clean your health

Spring clean your health

Longer days, warmer weather and everything in bloom. The new season often kicks housework into gear, but it’s also the perfect time to spring clean our health! From giving our skin some well-deserved exfoliation to adding a new plant to our favorite space, we’re sharing some simple tips for boosting your health.

Get scrubbing. After the winter, your skin has taken a beating from the elements so consider starting the season with a good scrub. Perhaps pick up a new exfoliating mask scented in lemon, bamboo or green tea and give your moisturizer a needed boost.

Go outside. As warmer weather approaches, take advantage of your nearby park or trails and get in a good walk. Or, dive into your garden - weeding, mulching, and lawn mowing can help to increase your overall step count! Plus, gardening can burn up to 256 calories an hour, and lawn mowing 160 per half-hour.

Bring the outdoors in. Most of us can’t spend all day outside. So, head to the garden center and purchase a plant that can thrive inside your home or workspace. Studies show that having greenery around helps to relieve stress, improves attention and concentration, reduces high blood pressure and boosts your mood.

Purge the meds and makeup. Go through your medicine cabinet and toss any expired vitamins, supplements and prescription meds. The FDA has guidelines for how to safely dispose of them. Plus, check your makeup case – those old blushes and face creams go bad and aren’t good for your skin!

Produce it. Head to a local farmer’s market and choose the strawberries, a great way to boost your antioxidant intake (and great in a smoothie). Don’t forget your veggies – spinach or purple asparagus for iron and Vitamin C perhaps.

Put YOU first. Don’t put off your annual physical or mammogram. And, it may be time for a colonoscopy?

Make it a MUST to do at least 3 things to spring clean your health this season.