Reducing Catheter-Associated UTIs

NEW study highlights efficacy of ellura in reducing Catheter-Associated UTIs(CA-UTIs)

If you or someone you care for has limited mobility, requires a catheter or has a spinal cord injury, the risk of a UTI is substantially higher. A UTI is a complication caused by the bladder not emptying completely which leads to an overgrowth of bacteria in the urine. A new study with catheter-assisted patients has confirmed what our customers already know – ellura offers proven UTI protection!

Physicians from Weill Cornell Medical and Columbia Medical Centre in New York evaluated catheter-assisted patients with a previous history of UTIs to determine the benefits of once daily ellura over the course of 6 months. All patients participating in the study were UTI-free throughout the 6 months and no side effects were reported, further supporting the use of ellura for recurrent UTIs.

The study is a great addition to our already strong portfolio of published clinical evidence that the 36 mg PAC in ellura is a proven alternative to antibiotics for UTI prevention. Other supplements cannot compete when it comes to PAC content and anti-adhesion activity, which is supported by published research and thousands of physicians and customers that have seen for themselves the benefits of ellura!

Want to review the scientific details? See the study highlights below.

Study Highlights:

  • 22 patients with long-term indwelling catheters & recurrent symptomatic CA-UTIs were evaluated.
  • Once daily consumption of ellura containing 36 mg PAC for 6 months.
  • NO UTIs were reported over the 6 months. No side effects noted.
  • 28% reduction of antibiotic resistances was also noted, with the greatest reduction among tetracycline, levofloxacin and cefazolin.

Thomas, D., Chughtai B, et al. Weill Cornell Medicine. Cooper K, Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital. Jones D, Innovative Senior Center, NY. Can Urol Assoc J 2017;11(11):E421-4.