Statement on new AUA guidelines

New guidelines cite benefits of cranberry proanthocyanidins (PAC) for UTI prophylaxis, further validating ellura®- the innovator behind medical-grade supplement

 Healthcare providers seek effective and safe alternatives for preventing recurrent UTIs in wake of widespread antibiotic issues

MAY 2, 2019 – ATLANTA, GEORGIA – The newest Clinical Guidelines for the management of recurrent uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) further validate the trailblazing efforts of the medical-grade urinary tract supplement ellura.® ellura’s formulation paved the way for researchers to identify proanthocyanidins (PAC), the bioactive ingredient from cranberry responsible for preventing bacterial adhesion to the bladder and its subsequent role in UTI prophylaxis, as referenced in the American Urological Association’s (AUA) Guidelines. The recommendations also cite the importance of validating PAC type, dosage and concentration to substantiate effectiveness further supporting ellura.

With its robust dossier of cranberry science associated with 36 mg of bioactive PAC – the minimum efficacious dose identified by researchers nearly a decade ago – ellura provides a true benchmark for healthcare providers to put these guidelines into practice and to leverage the benefits of cranberry prophylaxis to improve clinical outcomes.1

Through rigorous manufacturing and third party testing, ellura is consistently validated to contain the required 36 mg of bioactive PAC, unlike traditional over-the-counter cranberry supplements which contain minimal PAC.2 The manufacturing process used to produce ellura also ensures that almost all sugar, oxalates and vitamin K are removed, making it ideal for use with a broad range of patients, including diabetics, individuals with compromised renal function and those taking other medications.

The AUA’s endorsement of cranberry as the only non-antibiotic prophylactic option for the management of recurrent UTIs is significant in light of widespread antibiotic issues impacting patients and healthcare providers. UTIs account for up to 60% of antibiotic prescriptions3, a “treat and repeat” cycle that has been associated with overuse, adverse events and bacterial resistance. In clinical trials, 36 mg of bioactive PAC, the formula in ellura, constituted an effective alternative to prophylactic antibiotics for UTI prevention, without the associated drawbacks.4,5

“We are proud to be pioneers on the research, regulatory and education fronts, advancing the proven science of 36 mg PAC and bacterial anti-adhesion activity from cranberry that contributes to fewer UTIs and supports antibiotic stewardship,” said Terri Jackson Wade, CEO of Trōphikōs, maker of ellura. “We are delighted that the AUA’s evidence-based guidelines recognize the benefits of cranberry for UTI prevention. ellura, with its standardized 36 mg PAC formula and proven clinical efficacy, provides a reliable pathway for healthcare providers looking to implement cranberry prophylaxis in their practice.”

“The feedback we get from patients using ellura has been tremendous. They are empowered because they are proactively managing their UTIs, and for us as healthcare providers, the result is fewer calls, less antibiotic use and happier patients,” said Sophie Fletcher, MD, a urologist in Santa Rosa, California who is credited for being the first U.S. healthcare provider evaluating the benefits of ellura in her patients nearly a decade ago.   

Despite many pro­posed interventions to alleviate the large economic and clinical burden of UTIs on patients, providers, and the healthcare system, incidence rates have remained high. ellura can be easily incorporated into practice as a proven non-antibiotic intervention that aids in reducing UTI recurrence and supports best practices for driving optimal antibiotic stewardship and prescribing protocols.


About ellura®

ellura by Trōphikōs is a medical-grade urinary tract supplement recognized as the pioneer in identifying and advancing the science of 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) and bacterial anti-adhesion – the bioactive ingredient and mechanism of action found in pure cranberry juice concentrate – to protect women from UTI-causing bacteria. Backed by ellura’s robust portfolio of clinical research, international herbal medicine approvals and the trust of thousands of women and healthcare providers, Trōphikōs is committed to urinary tract health research and education that empower women to put preventive healthcare first.



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