Dr. Sophie Fletcher - Urologist - discusses UTIs

Does ellura really work?

I’ve seen a phenomenal response in patients who are taking ellura to reduce urinary tract infections. There have been studies that prove you need 36 mg PAC to prevent bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall and forming an infection- and only ellura offers that 36 mg PAC. I recommend it to nearly every patient with recurrent UTIs that come see me and I’ve seen hundreds of patients have successful experiences with ellura.

Who should take ellura?

I recommend it to almost all patients who have recurrent UTIs. I also recommend it to patients with catheters, kidney transplant recipients, and people with diabetes, prolapsed bladders and interstitial cystitis(IC). Because it doesn’t interfere with other medications and there aren’t any side effects, ellura is the most effective and safe way to manage recurrent UTIs without antibiotics.

Why not just take an antibiotic?

Bacterial resistance is such a huge issue worldwide for physicians right now. We are constantly trying to avoid antibacterial overuse. If we can present our patients with a natural supplement and keep them off antibiotics, that’s really phenomenal. Some of my patients have been on antibiotics for so long that they’ve developed an immunity to the effects of the antibiotics and are reaching the end of their options for treatment. Patients should be weary of low-dose antibiotics for UTI prevention because you could jeopardize your ability to treat UTIs (and other infections that use the same drug for treatment) in the future.