Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories

Real life stories

At ellura, our real product experts are the thousands of people who have suffered from UTIs and have taken control to stop them. Read some of their comments below to see if ellura is right for you!*

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"I had been having one or two UTIs  for years and last year I had five. They were of particular concern to me because I have only one kidney and I am allergic to several antibiotics. I decided to switch to a new Urologist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and she prescribed ellura. She said that it is the only cranberry supplement that works, and it does!  I have been taking it daily and have been UTI-free for a year. A few times I felt as though I was getting an infection, but I took 2 ellura a day for 3 or 4 days and my tests were negative. Thanks to ellura, I couldn't be happier."  E. Weiss, NY (5/2017)

"I suffered from UTIs for so many years, resulting in many trips to my urogynecologist. I tried everything.  I had other issues , so could  not drink cranberry juice. A wonderful nurse at my doctor's office gave me information on ellura.  To say I was skeptical, is putting it mildly.  However, I started it anyway and have not had an infection in EIGHT months!  What a blessing.  I can't say how grateful I am."  – Carol (5/2017)

“I’m a Registered nurse with 33 years of experience and have had UTI's in my younger years, but as I got older I've had 2 severe UTI's along with a kidney infection (hospitalized both times). They last one was over Labor Day 2015 and I was hospitalized for a week and blood cultures were drawn and was told may have to have IV antibiotic infusions for 6-8 weeks but luckily cultures came back ok and when I was released I started on ellura. Take daily and no ER visits , hospitalizations, and no infections! Thank you ellura for improving and changing my life for the better! I will continue using this and tell everyone I come into contact with about this product, including the doctors I work with!” – D. Sanderson, TX (4/2017)

“I had a colon resection a few years ago and during surgery my left ureter was burned...I had to have a stint in the ureter for several weeks so it could heal. I had taken so many antibiotics that all of my good bacteria had been destroyed. As a result, I had 17 months of bladder infections. The third urologist that I went to suggested that I take ellura. I had tried everything else so I gave it a shot. After the first few days of taking ellura I was already feeling better. I have not had any bladder infections since. It has been 4 years since I started taking ellura. I tell everyone that this product is wonderful and they should always have it on hand. Thanks to the great product I no longer suffer.” – T. Spears, TX (4/2017)

I have been taking ellura for almost 2 years. Before ellura I had a UTI at least once a month with much pain and trips to hospital. ellura has helped me so much. No UTI for almost a year. I am very grateful for this product. - K. Jaeger (4/2017)

I battled recurring UTIs for nearly two years straight.  It got to the point that both my doctor and I were concerned about the continued use of prescription antibiotics. Based on test results the urologist told me I was a perfect candidate for ellura and I am so grateful she did.  I have been UTI-free since starting ellura two years ago.  Thanks to ellura I have my good health and quality of life back. - Nancy, Michigan (3/2017)

I am happy to tell everyone how wonderful my experience with ellura has been. I have had MS for 46 years and was convinced that I was going to die from urinary tract infections. I had so many I became resistant to all the antibiotics, but thank God my doctors put me on ellura, and everything changed. I have not had a UTI in over a year! It literally saved my life. I hope everyone hears about it! - S. Deter (2/2017)

I have been UTI free for one year. Before ellura, I was on constant antibiotics. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who recommended something natural. I am so happy! I am living my life again! - Clifton Park, NY (2/2017)

Following radiation years ago, my bladder was never the same and I was prone to more painful UTIs and had to take continuous antibiotics. I discovered ellura and what UTI relief could mean for me! Thank you for this excellent product. - A Lewkowitz  (1/2017)

I am telling everyone I know about ellura. I was having bladder infections twice a month and some led to kidney infections. I have not had a UTI since starting ellura. I am living proof. It’s a miracle. - V. Martin (1/2017)

My urologist recommended ellura after suffering from recurrent UTIs  for over a year.  I have been taking ellura religiously for several years now, one capsule at night before bed as instructed. This regimen has worked for me and I highly recommend ellura for overall urinary tract health. - D. Mayne (11/2016)

The ellura pills are such a blessing for us.  They have literally stopped urinary infections from occurring in two family members.  Thank you. - B. Bown (11/2016)

I used to get infections every 6 months. I was running out of options. A young lady at ellura suggested taking two ellura capsules a day. It’s been over six months with no signs of a UTI.  You should  be very proud to have a product like ellura. Thank you to customer service for suggesting the right dosage of ellura for my situation. I am so grateful. - L. Pasco (9/2016) 

This product is GOD SENT. I recently started taking it in April and since then I’ve been UTI-free. I had problems for a lonnnggg time and always visited the doctor for antibiotic after antibiotic, but we finally found something that works. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I recommend this product to everyone. -  Cherie (7/2016)

I have been suffering from UTIs for years...Before I started taking ellura, I took a variety of over-the-counter supplements and antibiotics that did not help. I became depressed because the infections were so frequent. Since I started ellura in October of 2015, I have been UTI-free! Many people in my family have suffered from UTIs and I am pleased to say I think I found the cure. My granddaughter is taking ellura and has been UTI-free since she started as well.
-  C. Scaglione (6/2016)

I have been paralyzed since 1989 and for the past three years I have experienced frequent UTIs. I was put on a daily low-dose antibiotic for a year. Then a doctor recommended ellura and everything changed. I stopped the antibiotics and began using ellura. I have not had one UTI since!! Eight months and no more suffering!! I recommend it to everyone. Thank you ellura.
-  J. Maitre (5/2016)

My mom has not had a UTI since she started taking ellura. She used to have them every three weeks for about two years. Great product!
-  M. Couch (4/2016)

I am beside myself.  I have tried juice, daily dose of antibiotics and other supplements. Nothing even worked temporarily.  ellura is a miracle.
-  S. Pritchard (4/2016)

I have multiple sclerosis. I suffered with 10 UTIs in one year before I started taking ellura. I have now been UTI-free for over 2 years! 
-  M. Roland (3/2016)

I have been UTI free since I started taking ellura and I've only been taking one capsule a day. I was taking cranberry before and still experienced UTIs. I am so thankful that my doctor introduced me to ellura.
-  The Villages, FL (2/2016)

I was getting UTIs every 3 months and started taking ellura.  I saw a decrease, but called Customer Service because I was looking for better results.  They told me to take 2 capsules a day for 30 days and then call them back. Now I am back to taking 1 ellura a day and doing great! I am a firm believer in ellura. I recommended it to my daughter and even a stranger on a plane.
-  D. Schwartz (10/2015)

I could do a dance and sing because of ellura. I haven’t had a UTI in over a year and a half.
- M. Cain (8/2015)

I was on a daily dose of antibiotics for more than 7 years. Along the way, I suffered multiple allergic reactions. I am now taking ellura and no longer on antibiotics. ellura is the first thing I pack when I go on vacation. It’s my life line. I swear by it.
-  C. Trail (6/2015)

My mother began suffering from UTIs post-surgery. Frustrated with 4 ½ years of antibiotic use and breakthrough problems, she came to Nashville for extensive testing. IV infusions were used to eradicate the culprit bacteria, and then ellura was started. My 81 y/o mom has been UTI free for 4 months. It’s a miracle! She can’t remember the last time she felt this good! Thank you for providing this important product for women’s health!
- S. Koestner (5/2015)

Today I went to a urologist highly recommended by my internist for UTI prevention, something I have struggled with for years. The new doctor had just returned from a UTI conference and suggested cranberry supplements. I immediately said "ellura"? Yes! That's what she asks her patients to use. She said it is the only supplement proven to be effective. Good to know.
-  Sara G. (3/2015)

I tell all my friends about ellura. I have been UTI free for over a year now thanks to ellura. ellura has enabled me to continue my 5 day a week exercise regimen and stay healthy.
- J Poen (3/2015)

I started having UTIs after having back surgery. I had continuous UTIs and tried numerous antibiotics that didn’t work. My case is more complicated because I am a catheter user as well. I have been UTI free for 2 years thanks to ellura.
- C. Bronson (2/2015)

I love ellura! My doctor recommended it to me. I have been taking ellura once a day for 8 months and have not had one UTI. I used to get one UTI every month. ellura is such a relief to me.
- Joan (1/2015)

I'm happy to report that I have not had a UTI since over a year ago. Thanks to my urologist for recommending ellura. Best thing ever. No antibiotics for me. Love it.
- CoCo (12/2014)

ellura has CHANGED my life. I am 23 and have suffered from reoccurring bladder infections since I was 16 because of duplicated ureters. A specialist at UW suggested that I try ellura and I've been UTI free for 10 months!!
-  Alicia P. (11/2014)

I am 65 years old and have been suffering from UTIs since I was 18. The last UTI put me in the hospital. I swear by this capsule. I began taking ellura after that last hospital visit and I have been UTI free for 8 months.
- Nesema (11/2014)

Someone from your doctor’s office calls and tells you “Your UTI is resistant to the antibiotic that you're taking. You're going to need 7 days of IV antibiotics.” Now that will get your attention! After completing the IV antibiotics, I found a wonderful doctor that recommended ellura. Let me just say that ellura has helped me keep from having the frequent UTIs that I suffered with for years. I am so thankful I found ellura.
- Emily (10/2014)

*Disclaimer: These testimonials are based on real-life product experiences. Product results may vary based on proper use of ellura and medical history.

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