ellura vs. Cranberry Juice

When dealing with a UTI, a lot of women turn to the wonderful benefits of the cranberry. You may be wondering what exactly is so beneficial about the cranberry. Many believe that the acidity of the cranberry provides the relief of a UTI. However, don't be fooled.

In 1998, a research scientist with Rutgers University published the discovery of proanthocyanidins (PACs). PACs are the active part of the cranberry that is responsible for urinary tract health. With proper dosing, this natural ingredient has the ability to flush bacteria from the urinary tract, providing the cranberry's healthy benefits. The cranberry is a woman's best friend when it comes to UTIs.

With the cranberry's powerful remedy, it's easy to naturally turn to cranberry juice to help your UTIs. But with ellura, you can skip the juice. ellura is a cranberry supplement that not only helps prevent UTIs but also has less acidity, calories and sugar content than cranberry juice - what could possibly be better?

Here's the breakdown on why ellura is better than cranberry juice:

  • To receive the same effect as 1 ellura capsule, a person would need to consume 10 ounces of 27 percent cranberry juice within 10 minutes each day (that's a lot of juice!)
  • The acidity level of cranberry juice (pH of 2.3) is much higher than ellura's (4.4). Ouch! A pH of 7 is neutral. If you can enjoy a cup of coffee, you should be able to take ellura. The acidity of juice can lead to other conditions and problems for those who consume it, specifically for those who have any tolerance issues or sensitivities to high-acid foods
  • The amount of calories in 10 ounces of juice is significantly higher than a once-a-day capsule. For the required amount of cranberry juice, 175 calories would be consumed daily. ellura contains less than 1 (.77) calorie per capsule (nothing better than saving calories!)
  • The sugar content in cranberry juice is also prohibitive for many, such as diabetics. This is not an issue with ellura.

So when it comes to preventing your UTIs, skip the juice and grab ellura!


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